We accept WebMoney Trust Limits (TL)

Please note! Temporarily we do not accept Trust Limits

General Information

A reliable business partner, JetCredits.RU Exchanger invites all who wish to increase their WebMoney funds, opening the Trust Limit for us. The Trust Limit is permission to use of Your available funds by us - it determines how much money You are willing to give us in debt, for what period and under what percentage. We use WebMoney Debt Service to obtain Trust Limits.

We accept Trust Limits on the terms specified in the table below:

Sum, WMZ Time, Days Rate per day, % Rate per year, %

Minimal WMZ amount to open Trust Limit for us:  WMZ.
Maximal WMZ amount to open Trust Limit:  WMZ.
Current Exchanger's WM TL: TL WMID 118762006821


We offer You to calculate Your profits depending on the Trust Limit amount and term of use.

Sum, WMZ: Term of use, Days:

Please note! Temporarily we do not accept Trust Limits

Demand the Trust Limits

The amount of funds in Your WMZ purse required to demand Trust Limit by us: Trust Limit amount You specified + WebMoney Transfer System comission (0.8% of the limit amount).

JetCredits.RU Exchanger ensures demand Your limit in full amount and maximum period as You specified within 7 calendar days from the date of limit opening, provided that the period of use of the limit is not less than 61 days, and the amount and percentage rate correspond to table. The limits that are open for a shorter period will be demand as we will need them.

The Exchanger reserves the rights to re-demand Your Trust Limit after its return. If you want to stop working together with us - please, close the limit before its return or immediately after return.

If there is no required amount of money in Your purse when we demand it, we may reject the proposed limit and close it. Then You can open Trust Limit again if desired.

Rules of return of TL and accrual of interest

Refund and interest made at the end of the deadline. You may to return the funds ahead of time on its own initiative (using the standard procedure for the refund on the Debt Service website), but there is no interest accrual in this case.

The Exchanger reserves the rights to return the demanded limit ahead of time, with interest for the entire period of use.

If the period of repayment has passed but the funds and interest were not returned, You should use the standard procedure for the refund on the Debt Service website.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If You do refund (early or at the end of the term) and there is no required money on the Exchanger's purses at the moment, You should email our Support Service (see contacts at the page About Us). Funds will be available within 12 hours (in case of return at the end of the term) or 72 hours (in case of early return) from the moment of sending of Your request. Please be sensitive to the possibility of such situations (especially in the case of early return), Your money does not lie in our purses, they are involved with for profit indeed.

I want to open a Trust Limit! How to do it?

Open a Trust Limit by completing just 2 easy steps.

1. Add our WMID 118762006821 in the list of correspondents in Your keeper.
2. Open a Trust Limit for our WMID on the Debt Service website by clicking this link.

If You have not used Debt Service before and You have questions about its work, You may get the necessary information directly on the Debt Service website.

Please note! Temporarily we do not accept Trust Limits