User Agreement on the provision of services by
"JetCredits.RU, 1st JetSwap credits instant Exchanger"
(Terms of Service of the credits Exchanger)
(this is a rough translation of the original text of the Agreement in Russian, it may be used for easy introduction only)

Issue of January 13, 2009

  1. General Section

    1.1 This Agreement regulates the procedure and conditions for the provision of services by "JetCredits.RU Exchanger".
    1.2 "JetCredits.RU Exchanger" (the "Exchanger") is a hardware/software tools, located on the Internet at the address
    1.3 Client is a person wishing to use the services of Exchanger.
    1.4 A Customer's use of services provided by the Exchanger implies acceptance of this Agreement in full.

  2. Agreement subject

    2.1 The Exchanger provides the services (paragraph 4) according to the regulations (paragraph 5).
    2.2 The Client uses the services of the Exchanger and pay for them in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

  3. The rights and obligations of the Parties

    3.1 The Exchanger undertakes:
    3.1.1 To provide services of the purchase and sale credits of JetSwap (Active Promotion System, APS), and other APSs presented, for the title signs of WebMoney Transfer payment system and other payment systems presented, in accordance with this Agreement and rules of all specified systems;
    3.1.2 To advise Client on matters relating to the services provided by the Exchanger, and to provide him with the necessary technical support;
    3.1.3 To store information on the operations of the Client confidential, except to the legitimate request of law enforcement and judicial authorities or request of the administration of JetSwap and WebMoney Transfer systems (and other APSs and payment systems presented);
    3.1.4 When the missing credits/funds to the account of the Customer after the transaction ends in cases stipulated by this Agreement (3.2.5, 5.4, 5.5 clauses), to transfer funds to the Customer no later than 48 hours after the Customer calls with a complaint.

    3.2 The Client undertakes:
    3.2.1 To comply with this Agreement in full;
    3.2.2 To provide accurate and reliable payment details - its or a third party in favour of which operation is performed;
    3.2.3 To specify a valid email address and to monitor its performance;
    3.2.4 To ensure availability of servers of JetSwap and WebMoney Transfer systems (or other APSs and payment systems applied in transaction) prior to the transactions of purchase or sale of credits;
    3.2.5 To inform the Exchanger's Administration about the complete or partial non-payment of credits/funds upon completion of the transaction, if such took place, in cases stipulated by this Agreement (5.4, 5.5 clauses), not later than 20 (twenty) calendar days from the date of non-payment of credits/funds, otherwise, these credits/funds are the property of the Exchanger;
    3.2.6 To conform to the accepted norms of behavior and communication culture when communicating with Exchanger Support service;
    3.2.7 Do not use the Exchanger to commit fraud of any kind, conducting illegal financial transactions, the laundering of illegally obtained funds or other illegal actions;
    3.2.8 Not to take any action that interferes with the normal operation of the Exchanger.

    3.3 The Exchanger has the rights:
    3.3.1 To temporarily suspend its work for upgrading or maintenance for up to 48 hours;
    3.3.2 To suspend current operations of purchase and sale credits in case of legitimate treatment of law enforcement, administration of JetSwap, WebMoney Transfer systems or third party complaints of fraud to clarify the circumstances;
    3.3.3 To set prices for their services, as well as the amount of credits available for purchase or sale currently, in its sole discretion;
    3.3.4 To block the transaction in cases stipulated by this Agreement (5.4, 5.5 clauses);
    3.3.5 To require the Client to confirm his involvement in transaction using E-Mail or WMID specified for this transaction, in the case of the Customer's request to Support service;
    3.3.6 To stop all negotiations with the Client, if he behaves rudely, asking questions not related to the work of the Exchanger, or does not provide the information needed to solve his problems by being;
    3.3.7 To refuse any Client in the provision of services without explanation.

  4. Services of the Exchanger

    4.1 The Exchanger provides services for the automatic purchase and sale of credits, which is the internal calculation tool in the JetSwap, the active promotion system (APS), located on the Internet at the address (as well as in systems, which is the partner in relation to this APS), and representing the customer value according to the rules of this APS. The list of APS which credits are available for purchase and sale at the Exchanger may be amended or changed at any time.
    4.2 The Exchanger does not verify the legality of ownership by Customer of the credits, means of payment or accounts (purses) specified as the details of the transaction of purchase or sale of credits.

  5. Regulation of transactions of purchase and sale of credits

    5.1 The transaction of purchase or sale is considered to be started when the Exchanger is received from the Customer the full amount of credits or money, to pay for this transaction.
    5.2 The transaction of purchase or sale is considered to be completed when the Exchanger is transferred to the Customers's account/purse specified for this transaction, the full amount of credits or money payable to the Customer upon completion of the transaction.
    5.3 Cancel the started transactions and the refund is impossible, except for the cases specified in 5.5 clause of this Agreement.
    5.4 If in the process of transaction received funds from the Customer in a different size than was specified in order, the Exchanger will block this transaction, then after Customer's request according 3.2.5 clause of this Agreement, Exchanger shall pay to the payee's account/purse the amount of credits/funds proper actually received payment at the exchange rate at the start of the transaction.
    5.5 If the transaction cannot be completed (because the payee's account/purse is blocked or does not exist), Exchanger after contacting Customer according 3.2.5 clause of this Agreement will return obtained from the Customer's funds to the sender, minus the fee for the transfer of credits/funds within the JetSwap or WebMoney Transfer systems (or other systems applied in transaction) and a fine in the amount of 5% of the refund amount. Also, according to the Customer's request, transaction can be completed by other (existing) account/purse in the same system specified in the order, without charging additional fees or fines.
    5.6 Commission for credits/funds transfer from Customer to Exchanger in the course of transaction charged from the Customer.
    5.7 Commission for credits/funds transfer from Exchanger to Customer in the course of transaction charged from the Exchanger, except as provided in 5.8 clause of this Agreement.
    5.8 When the Customer sells credits to Exchanger and sum of money of transaction is less than 0.50 WMZ, 1.00 WMR, 1.00 WMP, 1.00 WMU, 1.00 QIWI RUB, 1.00 Yandex, 1.00 RUR VISA/MasterCard, 1.00 cellphone balance, 1.00 PAYEER RUB, commission of transfer funds to the Customer during the transaction is deducted from the amount due to the Customer upon completion of the operation.

  6. Liability of the Parties

    6.1 The Exchanger is not responsible and will not reimburse the Customer's damages resulting from incorrect use of the Exchanger, as well as losses related with incorrect (erroneous) information specified by the Customer.
    6.2 The Exchanger is not liable for errors or delays in payments in JetSwap and WebMoney Transfer systems (or other systems applied in transaction).
    6.3 Responsibility for the use of the Exchanger to commit any kind of fraud, or for actions that impede the normal operation of the Exchanger, takes an unscrupulous Customer.

  7. Change existing Agreement

    7.1 This Agreement may be modified or supplemented by the administration of the Exchanger at any time. The new Agreement comes into force at the moment of placing it on the website of the Exchanger at the address

  8. Force majeure

    8.1 The parties shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performing its obligations under this Agreement in case of force majeure circumstances, including (without limitation) natural disaster, war, fire action, flood, explosion, acts of governmental or regulatory authorities, terrorism, riot, civil commotion, hacker attacks, absence, non performance or failure of the operation of the power supply, Internet service providers, networks or other systems, networks and services.