Frequently asked questions

Purchasing credits

I want to purchase JetSwap credits at JetCredits.RU Exchanger. How much time should I wait to receive credits to my account?


Credits will be send to Your account immediately after we get payment from You. Make sure that You have received the ordered number of credits. Otherwise, please contact our Support service.

How can I pay for the purchase of credits?


JetCredits.RU Exchanger accepts WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI (RUB) and VISA/MasterCard. You can pay with WMZWebMoney WMZ, WMRWebMoney WMR, WMUWebMoney WMU, Yandex.MoneyYandex.Money, QIWI RUBQIWI RUB, VISA/MasterCardVISA/MasterCard.

What amount of credits I can buy?


You can buy the amount You need accuracy to 1 credit - but not less than 100 credits and no more than the amount available for purchasing at the moment.

How to pay with VISA/MasterCard for purchasing credits?


For card payments, please select the appropriate payment method when placing the order for purchasing credits. We accept both debit and credit VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro cards. Additional fee is 0% when You paying by card.

Processing of payments provides by the Yandex.Money payment system. You must enter the Card Number, Cardholder Name and CVV2/CVC2 code when You will be redirected to the payment page. All payments are made in accordance with the PCI DSS safety standard and using the 3-D Secure technology, so Your card data is fully protected.

Selling credits

I want to sell JetSwap credits. How fast my order will be processed?


Orders for the sale of credits are processed immediately. Make sure that You have received the money to Your purse after completion of the transaction.

For what currency I can sell credits?


You can sell credits for WMZWebMoney WMZ, WMRWebMoney WMR, WMUWebMoney WMU, Yandex.MoneyYandex.Money, QIWI RUBQIWI RUB. Also You can send money (in Russian Roubles) directly to Your cellphone account balance (this available for Russian mobile operators only).

What amount of credits I can sell?


You can sell the amount You need accuracy to 1 credit - but not less than 1 000 credits and no more than the amount available for selling at the moment.

I'm going to sell JetSwap credits, but can not understand, what needs to be done on the payment page! How to pay order for the sale of credits?


After submit Your order You proceed to the payment page. You can see 4 pictures below, which shows the main stages of payment through JetSwap Merchant.

pic11. Select "JetSwap system Credits" as the payment method, then check "Accept rules" and press "Pay" button.

pic22. Confirm the operation by clicking on the link "Pay the bill by JetSwap system credits".

pic33. Log in to pay. If You are already logged into Your account before, then authorization is not required.

pic44. Be sure to click on "Return to the site" button after the payment.

How I can sell credits and send money directly to my cellphone balance?


Please select the appropriate payment method from the list of available currencies when placing the order for selling credits. Enter the cellphone number in "Your cellphone number:" field.

Currently, this withdrawal method is only available for Russian mobile operators. Do not need to specify "8" or "+7" prefixes when entering the phone number. For example, enter 9010009900, if You make a deposit to 8-901-000-99-00 phone number.

We send payments to cellphone balance immediately, but in some cases, the mobile operators can make enrollment delays. Additional fees will not be charged.

Reserves notifications

I need to buy or sell more credits than are available now. Can I get a notification when the reserve will be sufficient?


Yes, You can. Fill in the form on the purchase/sale page, specifying the required amount and Your E-Mail address. We will send You an E-Mail as soon as the reserve will be sufficient.

How do notifications work?


The Customer must make a request to receive a single notice of the reserves for this type of credits. The request shall include the amount of credits that the Customer wishes to buy or sell. Once the system's reserve will be equal to or greater than a given amount, the customer will be notified by E-Mail, then the request will be deemed as completed.

The customer must timely react to the notification, since the service does not guarantee the availability of required reserve in a long time. Credits and funds are not reserved and may be used by other customers.

Before the notification will send, the customer can change the amount of credits in the request. For this, customer needs to create a new request using the same E-Mail address. The existing request will be updated.

With the appearance of the reserves, if there are multiple requests from different customers, primarily handled those in which there is the largest amount of credits. Notifications are sent after the appearance of the respective reserves, every few minutes, no more than 15 notifications at a time.