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You can Buy or Sell JetSwap system credits here, at a good price and in a fully automatic mode. This means that You get credits or money for them immediately after submit Your order and send payment! Don't need to enter any PIN codes. We send credits or funds directly to Your account/purse in auto mode.

We accept payments and send funds with popular payment methods, such as: WMZ WebMoney WMZ, PAYEER RUB PAYEER RUB.

JetSwap JetSwap

Now in stock: 1 791 954 credits

for 0.041 WMZ

for 3.418 PAYEER RUB

Price specified for 1 000 credits

Minimal amount 100 credits

We can buy from You:

8 834 857 credits for 0.035 WMZ

2 809 572 credits for 2.832 PAYEER RUB

Price specified for 1 000 credits

Minimal amount 1 000 credits

Webisida Webisida

Now in stock: 0 credits

for 0.066 WMZ

for 5.503 PAYEER RUB

Price specified for 1 000 credits

Minimal amount 100 credits

We can buy from You:

1 credits for 0.059 WMZ

1 credits for 4.773 PAYEER RUB

Price specified for 1 000 credits

Minimal amount 1 000 credits

Statistics for the last 24 hours

Purchase operations: 4
on sum 581 564 credits
Sale operations: 5
on sum 2 491 292 credits

Reserves and currency rates were updated at:
16.07.2024, 08:06
(Moscow time)


To get credits after payment, You must be a registered user of the JetSwap system. We accept WebMoney. Our Exchanger is Certified member of the WebMoney Transfer system, this fact ensures reliability of transactions. Our Support team will answer all Your questions about our services (for contact details, see page "About Us"). All payments via WebMoney Transfer system shall be performed in accordance with Agreement «on Property Rights Transfer by Means Of Digital Units» and within Disclaimer (Waiver of Liability).

Our News

During the May long weekend and holidays (from April 30 to May 12) we work according to the usual schedule:
- Credits exchanger - we change around the clock;
- Customer support - we respond within 24 hours.

We just created a news channel for the JetCredits.RU Exchanger in Telegram: @jetcreditsru_news. We will publish only important information there - changes in work, updates and other news so that you do not miss them!

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About JetSwap, an Active Promotion System

JetSwap is one of the most popular Active Promotion Systems (APS). It works since 2003. Every advertiser can afford promotion in the JetSwap system! 1000 credits is 1000 autosurf visits to Your website (duration is 30 seconds). Tens of thousands of users will provide Your website with high traffic.

It offers:
- manual surfing, auto surfing, web surfing - with page load control, surf in the account or in a special program,
- advertising mailer lists with protection from fraud,
- scheduled visits to site on hours and days of the week,
- geo-targeting - it allows visits from a specific country or region,
- 5-sized banner networks,
- flexible requirements to the content of the sites: almost sites are allowed,
- web sites catalog and link exchanging system,
- credits and referrals exchange, referrals for rent,
- referral program with the possibility of increasing earnings, the initial percentage: 5%,
- affordable, professional hosting - pay for services by system credits is included,
- many ways to deposit and withdrawal,
- unique technology: presentation mode is used while surfing to simulate some actions of the visitor: go to links, clicks, buttons and key presses, form submission, ets.

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Affiliate sites of JetSwap system: CAP.GOLDDENGI.COM, JETGO.RU, PROMOJET.RU, STOGW.RU, VASELISK.COM, VIZITTER.RU, JETSWAP.COM. Credits of this systems and JetSwap system credits are the same, it can be bought or sold at our Exchanger. Your account login on these sites is the account login on JetSwap system.