Monthly contest for all customers of JetCredits.RU Exchanger

Dear customers of our Exchanger!

We are happy to present the contest, where not only the most active buyer or seller of credits can become the winner, but any who has made at least one operation on the purchase or sale of credits on our Exchanger per month.

The contest starts with February 1, 2013, each round will last 1 calendar month, the results will be summed regularly on the first day of the next month.

How do I become a participant?

It is very simple - You must buy or sell credits on our Exchanger. Each contest round includes all users who has made at least one operation of purchase or sale credits in the current month. The count of credits across Your operations is summarized for each round, and depending on the result, You can rely on one or another prize.
Note! Sold and purchased credits summed up together. The counting of credits is only for Your login (login, on which we will transfer credits when buying; login, from which we actually receive credits from You when selling). Only paid and fully completed transactions are counting.

Selecting and awarding of the winners

the winners are selected by 2 nominations in each round of the contest: 1) the major customers of the Exchanger; 2) the most lucky customers of the Exchanger.

1. The three major customers, which bought (or sold) largest amount of credits during this contest round, get these prizes for first three places: 100000 credits, 50000 credits, 20000 credits respectively for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

2. All other customers of the Exchanger, committed transactions during this contest round, divided into two groups: those whose turnover amounted to 50000 credits or more, and those whose turnover was less than 50000 credits. Five people from each group will be selected randomly using a computer program, they will receive each 5000 credits and 1000 credits respectively. These prizes can win each, who were not included in the top three!

One contest round lasts one calendar month from the first to the last number. The winners rewards in the first day of the next month. Prize credits pay automatically on winner's login in the JetSwap system. Does not count the turnover of the customer for the previous contest rounds when determining the results of the current contest round. This page publishes the results of the last round, as well as preliminary information on the current round. The Exchanger maintains confidentiality in relation to personal data of its customers, so the customer logins will not be published fully - a large part of the login will be replaced with asterisks. To compare yourself with leaders, each customer will always be able to check his current turnover, using the form at the bottom of this page.

Current contest round: July 2024

Preliminary winners:

Place Login Turnover, cr. per month
1s****o1 500 000
2*s*1 430 000
3a****o1 409 290
4l**p1 000 000
5i****n796 682
6L**!582 920
7l********1561 000
8a****a415 849
9k*****g406 000
10i****7229 346

Winners of the previous contest round: June 2024

Place Login Prize, cr. Turnover, cr. per month
1s****n100 0003 200 000
2s****o50 0002 457 144
3*s*20 0002 399 000
4C****y1 00024 236
5f*****a1 00048 292
6m****k1 0006 000
7m***********o1 0002 634
8v*****n1 0001 008

Check Your current turnover

Secret code

Contest period:

Sorry, but You have not made any transactions of purchase or sale of credits for the current contest period, and therefore You do not participate in the contest.

For the current contest period You made the purchase or sale of credits in the amount of cr. and now take place.

Thank You for participating!

The secret code is used to protect Your personal data - the extraneous person will not be able to know the turnover for Your login not knowing it. You can get secret code from any letters You have received from our service when You have payed for order to sell credits from Your acoount (order to sell only).