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Partnership program of JetCredits.RU Exchanger

We invite all interested persons to cooperate!

Our affiliate program will be useful for owners of websites about earning, promotion with using JetSwap system, for system users with a large number of referrals, also for regular customers of our service.

Became an our partner, You will make a profit on each transaction of purchase or sale of credits making by those customers who have learned about our Exchanger on Your recommendation. We pay 15% from the current difference between the cost of buying and selling for a given amount of credits with each operation of the involved client. Client forever assigned to You, You will earn every time he buy or sell credits in our service.

You will be able to withdraw Your earnings via WebMoney (WMZ) or JetSwap system (credits). We have instant payments and very low minimal payouts (0.02 WMZ or 100 credits).

Partnership Program Rules
(this is a rough translation of the original text of the rules in Russian, it may be used for easy introduction only)

  1. Each user of the JetSwap system can to take part in JetCredits.RU Exchanger's partner program. Registration is free and voluntary.
  2. When registering, the Participant must specify the correct payment and other required information. The Administration of the Exchanger at any time may require the Participant to confirm the validity of this data.
  3. Payment information specified by the Participant at registration, CAN NOT be changed for security reasons. Payment information are Your WebMoney WMZ purse and even Your JetSwap system account login.
  4. The JetCredits.RU Exchanger Administration shall not disclose the personal data of the Participant (including statistics of Your account).
  5. A client attracted by the Participant, forever assigned with him (by his JetSwap login he used for purchase or sale credits).
  6. Your earnings is 15% from the current difference between the cost of buying and selling for a given amount of credits in WMZ (or in WMZ equivalent, if the operation is performed using a different currency at the internal rate of Exchanger at the time of the transaction) with each operation of the involved client. Money is accumulated on the Your partner account. Money amounts are rounded to 4 decimal places.
  7. Administration of the Exchanger is obligated to pay the money using payment details of the Participant on its first demand - automatically within 1 minute, or within 48 hours after sending request to Support E-Mail, if the automatic withdrawal is impossible.
  8. The Participant may receive funds to his WMZ purse, or even to his account in the JetSwap system (only in terms of credits by rate of selling credits from Exchanger at the moment).
  9. The Commission for the funds transfer from Exchanger account to the Participant account shall pay by the Participant, it is deducted from the withdrawal sum. WebMoney comission is 0.8% (not less than 0.01 WMZ), and JetSwap comission is 5%. Exchanger does not charge other comissions.
  10. Partcipant is ALLOWED to make transactions of purchase and sale of credits via his own partner link (this is only possible if the Participant is not a referral to another Participant).
  11. FORBIDDEN to attract customers with using SPAM, accounts of violators may be blocked.
  12. FORBIDDEN to put Your partner link in the rotation in the surf and autosurf. As a rule, it is a BAD traffic that overloads the server only. Therefore, the partner link breaks surfing frame, so You will violate not only our rules, but the rules of ATS.
  13. Participant loses the right to withdraw the funds he earned, if his account was blocked by Administration.

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